Friday, September 28, 2012

Spirit 2012 Home Opener

The local OHL team had their home opener last night, which means I'll be shooting a lot more hockey in the future. I know, all of you are shocked that I'd want to do such a thing.

One of the reasons I'm excited to shoot this team (other than there is no NHL right now) is it's made up of a bunch of kids, ages 15-20, who are being groomed to be drafted into the NHL. The Spirit currently has four kids already drafted to teams, including a 19-year-old goal tender selected this past June by the Detroit Red Wings. In Michigan, that's kind of a big deal. Hopefully one day he can make the squad.

A lot of last night was getting back into the groove of following the game at ice level. There's still a lot of rust to get off, but getting the expected pictures out of my system will (hopefully) lead to better and more interesting shots. Thanks for looking! 

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