Sunday, September 9, 2012

Al Sharpton in Saginaw

Back on July 1st, a homeless man named Milton Hall got in a confrontation with a store clerk in downtown Saginaw. Police were called, and after a standoff in which Hall was brandishing a knife, six officers fired over 40 shots and killed him. 

The result has left the town debating and pointing fingers on who was in the right and who was in the wrong, citing race issues and police corruption, Hall's mental instability and the fact he had a weapon all as talking points. With the investigation still ongoing, civil rights leaders from Detroit came to Saginaw a few weeks ago demanding justice, or else the would make it a national issue. And it's starting to pick up. Jesse Jackson came to town last week, and Al Sharpton and the National Action Network this week.

I haven't had to cover any high profile people before, but as those of you that have know, it's [quack] stressful! A speech, a visit to the site of the shooting and in about 30 minutes he was off to private meetings, though he promised in his speech he would be back.

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