Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween and Marching Band

A week or so ago I had a conversation with someone about how lame it was that trick or treaters go out so early now. When I was little, I remember it wasn't officially Halloween until the sun went down. Well, I had never had to cover trick or treating until this past Thursday, and I take it all back. I'm thankful parents take their kids out so early now because it allowed more time to shoot with ambient light, rather than pumping strobe into their eyes.

Saturday, I found myself in Indianapolis shooting state marching band finals for 12 hours. The day itself was long and weird, and covering four bands with playing times spaced so far apart was a little stressful. But I swear, if the world was run by the people that coordinated this event, there would be nothing left to accomplish. Them dudes were efficient.

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