Sunday, October 10, 2010


Unfortunately, I really don't like portraits. Overall I just don't enjoy it and I feel it's by biggest weakness as a photographer. Of course, that just means that I have to keep doing them and get better at them. That didn't happen this week.

Bowling Green resident David Wood works as a caretaker at the Fairview Cemetery in Bowling Green, Ky. "It doesn't bother me," he said when asked about constantly being in a graveyard. "It's a job that somebody has to do."

"I try to make things easier for people during a rough time." Abe Shelton owns Borders Monument Co. in Glasgow, Ky., which carves headstones for the recently deceased. "I think it helps people deal with their loss."

Kelley Sisk works as a florist at Hobdy's Florist in Scottsville, Ky. "There's just something about people's reaction to flowers, no matter what the occasion is."

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