Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lighting Midterm Photo Story

For our midterm for lighting we had to shoot a photo story on family. The family I found is a great example of the families everyone forgets about, or puts out of their mind. A five generation family living in one house in a poor part of town. Almost all the parents are on some sort of drug, ranging from painkillers to something needle related (haven't found out exactly what that is yet, though). Three children are also being raised (ages 2, 6, and 8), and their mother pawns them off on her mother or great-grandmother, which whom they spend most of their time. The children just recently started going school.
This is pretty much the bulk of the story, but I'm sure I find out more. I learn more and more about them every day. I plan to continue this as long as they let me.

This is the story, which we are only allowed to use 5 pictures for, one of which is a lit portrait. I decided to focus on Karen, the grandmother of the children. Eventually I will widen the focus to the entire family.

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